Sanjha Morcha


      I thank U T Chandigarh Administration for providing land in Sector 47/C, Chandigarh and Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) for constructing 242 dwelling units for army personnel. I took over flat no 2513/A from AWHO on 02 Jul 91 vide AWHO letter no O/EA/50273/SS/Chandigarh/89 dated 12 Mar 91. In AWHO letter no O/EA/50273/SS/Chandigarh/89 dated 11 Dec 90 para 16, it was remarked that “AWHO will take action to transfer the dwelling units directly to individuals”. One of the prerequisites for registration of flat is possession of Occupation Certificate (OC).  Due to various factors issue of OC was delayed. 153 allottees that made no violations in their flats like me were issued Completion Certificate /OC only on 09 Dec 2016.

2.    Present status. Out of 242 allottees, 153 made no violation in their flats, a few modified their flats within the relaxation given by UT, Administration, Chandigarh and remaining altered beyond relaxation. Many allottees that made no violation in their flat (like me) are keen for registration of flats whereas those who made violations are not interested and a few are reluctant due to some other reasons.

3.    My submission is that those law abiding allottees who made no violation and are interested for registration should not suffer due to action of others. UT, Administration should register the flats on individual basis as they did for issue of Completion Certificate. UT, Administration and AWHO should work out the registration charges of flat applicable at the time of handing over the dwelling units in 1991 on individual basis.

4.   Win-Win Approach. Allottees will become legal owners of their flats by registration and UT, Administration will generate revenue.

5.      As a law-abiding citizen, I have been paying my income tax, electricity, water, telephone and AWH Cooperative & Maintenance Society Ltd bills regularly and on time. My wife and myself both being senior citizens are not left with much time to live, therefore we have registered ourselves with a local government hospital to donate our eyes and full body after our death.

6.      I am ready to speak to you on the subject on any day, anytime and anywhere as per your convenience.

7.        I am waiting to receive communication from you please.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Yours faithfully

                                                                                                                                                                IC-30666N     Brigadier P K Hoogan (Retired), ME, MIE