Sanjha Morcha

Chiefs points while addressing officers at AWC….

1. JCOs restructuring done.
2. Officers about to begin.
3. Budget less…major component salary and allowances part. Have to reduce it.
4. No corruption will be entertained. No second chance.
5. Moral turpitude not acceptable. All will be thrown out.
6. No sahayaks to retired vetetans. As studied more than 1000 soldiers were deployed in vicinity of Delhi at homes of veterans.
7. NFU will be approved soon. However he mentioned this for Col and above only. Not mentioned for Lt Col level.
8. EW elements were not able to get deployed during Doklam. Equipment not as per terrain profile.
9. Anyone has problems with anything can take their points to Chief.
He is here to answer and very much open to such questions.
10. Technical allowance will come in bits and pieces.
11. Ration allowance too underway. No cut off date.
12. No commendations will be written to soldiers in HQ as they get it easily. From now on only one commendation will be counted and weightage given to those serving at Bde level.
13. All working professionally well will be seen and dues will be given.
14. Not easy to get disable pension now.
Many were trying this to get enhanced pension while going retirement .
15. Elimination of HQ in chain of command under consideration. May be Bde HQ.
16. Physical are important. No one will get AI in JC course if BPET and PPT not passed.
17. COs have to be physically fit and run along with tps in unit. No excuses. If can’t run be ready to hand over command next to senior.
19. Ideas should come from junior offrs not only grade centric.
20 . Innovations to be at central level not for heck of it.
21. Sports to be promoted .
22. Limited budget and will be used for priority basis as per ground requirements.
23. GSQR should be well thought and written. Example riles for ranges 500 m requested to be procured, whereas 300m is enough.
24. AWWA activities to be limited and related to genuine welfare activities.
25. FOL budget in peace stations to be cut.
26. No lavish parties.