Sanjha Morcha


Its a tradition in Army, that Ladies of the Army Personnel takes keen interest in the welfare activities of their subordinates in all unit welfare activities.

The Tradition has be found and proved beyond doubt that Its not Capt Amarinder Singh Honorable CM, Punjab is concern about welfare and to restore Respectability,Pride and dignity of EX-Servicemen in Pun jab but The Lady Maharani Praneet Kaur has equally shown concern about the welfare of ESM at Pathankot Rally.

A Rally which was organised by Big Prahalad Singh, Chairman Sanjha Morcha and President ESMUF ( Pathankpt) and Capt Harminder Singh to support Mr Sunil Jakkar was held at  SARNA,Pathankot attended bu ESM,Veer Nari and Sunil Jakkar and Maharani herself .

AT the end of the function she openly asked ESM who were present to speak out their problems that they  are facing from the Punjab Administration. One of the The point regarding ESM facing the problems from various departments was that they are not given due respect when they approach them for personal works and are harassed  lot.

The result can be seen with 24 hours that Instructions by Capt Amarinder Singh to all DC’s were given.

We Salute Capt Amarinder and Maharani Praneet Kaur to continue the Army traditions in letter and spirit even as CM of Punjab and First Lady of the State.

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